Upcoming shows

08/05/2022: Stadsakker - Tienen
20/05/2022: Peerdsdonkenhof - Booschot (private)

Pilod is back and currently recording, working on a new setlist and doing some try out gigs. We are working on launching some new material before summer 2022!


Pilod has taken a break performing live in 2019 until spring 2022 after playing almost 100 shows the years before. Highlights were:

  • Trix as support of Paradise (2017)
  • Botanique as support of Lost Horizons (2017)
  • Tour in Germany (2016) and Catalonia(2014)
  • Depot as support of The Me In You (2015)
  • Trix - Showcase festival "We are open" (2015)
  • Muzikodroom as support of MINTZKOV (2013)


Shows as from 01/01/2017